Limitation of Liability

Neither Survey Data nor anyone else involved in Creating, Producing, Delivering (Including Suspending or Discontinuing Service) or Supporting the Service shall be Liable to Customer, any Representative, or any Third Party for an Direct, Indirect, Incidental, Special, Consequential or Punitive Damages arising out of use of the Service or Inability to use the Service (Including Catastrophic Situations beyond the Control of Survey Data or its Suppliers and Licensors), Including, without Limitation, Lost Revenue, Lost Profits, Loss of Technology, Rights or Services even if Advised of the Possibility of such Damages, whether under Theory of Contract, Tort(Including Negligence, Strict Liability) or otherwise. Survey Data and its Licensors are not Responsible for Transmission Errors In, Corruption of, or the Security of Your Information Carried over Inter Exchange Carriers, Local Exchange Carriers, or other Providers Facilities. Customer agrees that it will not in any way hold Survey Data Responsible for any Selection or Retention of, or the Acts or Omissions of, Third Parties in connection with the Service (Including those with whom Survey Data may Contract to Operate the Service).

Cancellation Policy

Customer must give written notice of its intent not to renew service at least thirty (30) days prior to the end of the then current term.
Failure to do so shall result in automatic renewal for a subsequent term.