Members Bio
Michael Dillon - Co-Founder

Mike is a co-founder of Survey Data and brings over 40 years of experience in the construction industry. His experience has allowed him to evolve through the vast technology changes from paper plan rooms to plans on microfilm to CD's and various online products, thus giving him a true appreciation of Survey Data's simple, user friendly format.

Formerly a board member with Manufacturers' Survey Associates, he also managed operations of the DC and Los Angeles offices. His innovative and aggressive management skills were instrumental to the company’s prosperity. Previously, Mike was also a mechanical contractor in Florida.

Mike is currently semi-retired (hence the beach pic!) but is still an active advisor and assists with daily operations. 

Sandi Dillon - Founder

Utilizing her 30 years of business and plan provider experience, Sandi created and launched Survey Data in 2004. Then serving primarily Emergency Generator Reps and Suppliers, Sandi has been instrumental in Survey Data's continued growth and has created a service that now serves all trades.

Formerly with Manufacturers' Survey Associates, Sandi managed the day to day operations of the DC and Baltimore offices, while running production operations for the Richmond and Philadelphia offices. Sandi was also previously employed by Fischbach & Moore at Cape Kennedy‘s launch complex 39.

Currently Sandi manages all aspects of Survey Data, with a special focus on Procurement.

Sherry Brown - Owner, President

Sherry joined Survey Data in 2007 with 17 years experience in the industry including estimating, project management and bid document preparation. Sherry successfully performed her role as Project Manager and Estimator with Pagliaro Brothers Stone Company completing notable and demanding projects such as the World War II Memorial, Arlington Cemetery Renovations and Mercy Hospital’s Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Center. Sherry was also previously employed at Manufacturers’ Survey Associates where she worked in the production department and progressed into estimating.  

Sherry's 'whatever it takes' attitude, strong work ethics and positive outlook make her a valuable asset to the team. Sherry is responsible for Sales, Customer Support, Product Development and in 2014 was appointed by the Founding Members as Owner and President.